More Dirt over US Torture of Detainees in Iraq

Heinrich Himmler, and his SS would have been proud: The US government is now at the center of a growing row over the cover-up of torture of detainees in Iraq, following the leak of almost 400,000 army field reports. This prompted calls for an inquiry in the US and in the UK into whether the "coalition" was complicit in the torture and murder of civilians by Iraqi security forces. British human rights campaigners seized on the mountain of documents - posted on the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks - to demand a public inquiry to be held in the UK into the 'alleged' mistreatment of Iraqis while in UK custody. The greatest controversy will be over the apparent complicity of the American forces in covering up the widespread and brutal torture of Iraqi civilians. (While serving as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, though I was always looking for good intelligence information, my team and I would never stoop so low as to use torture against enemy civilians. First of all, that sort of "Intelligence" is normally useless, since the 'victims' of brutal intelligence gathering will normally confess to anything they believe their captors want to hear, just to stop the agonizing pain.). From that perspective, I find it difficult to believe that my adopted country has actually stooped so low, adopting the tactics of the SS and Heinrich Himmler. It looks to me, that we desperately need another war crimes tribunal, and incarcerate the guilty perpetrators of these heinous and inhuman acts!!
Please click on my heading to read the full, horrifying story at the british 'telegraph'

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Wolfgang P. May said...

Yasmin Ali-Bliai, writing in the British "The Independent" comments that our United States has a much worse record of torture in Iraq than the former dictator Sadam Hussein"