Dennis Kucinich Battles Libya Bombing

Question: What's going on with your bill to de-fund Libya? Answer: I am actively seeking support. There are so many members out of town and out of their districts, around the country and around the world, so its tough, but after we announced that the bill was supported by Ron Paul, Walter Jones and Pete Stark, we were able to get the required signatures needed. Our bill says that none of the funds expended under this act will be used for our military intervention in Libya. In addition, we expect to end the war in Afghanistan as well. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, there is absolutely NO exit strategy. The more ordinance we use, the more high-tech weapons we'll end up buying. The cost of this war, according to an analysis that just came in, said that by the time we leave, said that the totals will exceed about a billion dollars. To replace more than 100 Tomahawk missiles will be extremely expensive, and our country just can't spend too much more money. It's really irresponsible to vote for these high-tech weapons considering their enormous costs. Further, I would oppose any intervention in Libya whatsoever.

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