Though Libyan Rebels Claim To Have Reached Ajdabiya, Misurata remains with Gaddafi Forces!

Libyan rebels are advancing west, after capturing recapturing the strategic eastern town of Ajdabiya from government controls with the help of "coalition" air strikes. Reports late on Saturday suggested rebels had already pressed onto the key oil-port town of Brega, 80 kilometers to the west. "We are in the center of Brega," Abdelsalam al-Maadani, a rebel fighter, told the AFP news agency by telephone. But Reuters said rebels rebels were only on the outskirts of Brega. Al Jazeera's James Bays, who reached Ajdabija on Saturday, said that while it "appeared" that rebels had taken over the town of Brega, it remained unclear who controlled the nearby oil port. Else- where, pro-Gaddafi forces attacked the opposition-held city of Misurata in the west of the country. Heavy shelling there, witnesses said, drew coalition air strikes against government military targets. The port city has experienced some of the heaviest fighting between rebels and forces loyal to Gaddafi since the uprising began on February 16. "There is muted optimism. It really does not feel that the momentum of the Gaddafi forces has been stopped," our correspondent said. "They are not outwardly celebrating but they are definitely optimistic."
As they said while I served as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam: "Hope springs eternal", yet we DID LOSE THAT F'n WAR. You figure it out!

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