Have We Authorized Obama to Destroy Libya?

Have our people known that Obama wanted to declare an Imperial War against the people of Libya? On March 19, on the eighth anniversary of George W.'s "Operation Iraqi Freedom", which would have been more nearly correct by calling it: George's temper tantrum against a man who refused to be bullied by "W". But I digress: Obama, who came out of nowhere, and was installed by his fat-cat supporters as an "artificial" president, to provide more and more benefits to our bloated military industrial complex: Remember Ike, the last truly GREAT leader of our country, who reminded those of us who loved him, to deny "the military industrialists, whether sought or unsought, to destroy the America we have grown to love." Unfortunately, Obama is NOT a great president by any standards. As we all recall, after many of us (not me, because I was not duped by his tap-dancing performance), voted for him, he spent a few minutes to pick up his Nobel Prize, and immediately ordered the American war against the people, including women and children, of Afghanistan to be accelerated. Though we might call him a hyppocrate, though not a "hippopotamus", he is much worse than that: He is the destroyer of all which is decent in our world, and if our misguided people still decide to vote for him, he is certain to shatter their dreams into an infernal nightmare which only a firm belief in the Magnificent Founders of our nation will understand. SO Help Me GOD!

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