Webster G. Tarpley: Obama's "Bay of Pigs in Libya" Shredding UN Charter"!

On March 19, US and British cruise missiles joined with French and other NATO combat aircraft in Operation Odyssey Dawn/Operation Ellamy, a "non-imperialist" bombing attack under "fake humanitarian" cover against the sovereign state of Libya. Acting under UN Security Council resolution 1973, US naval forces in the Mediterranean on Saturday night local time fired 112 cruise missiles at targets which the Pentagon "claimed" were related to Libya's air defense system, but Mohammed al-Zawi, the Secretary General of the Libyan Parliament, told a Tripoli press conference that the "barbaric armed attack" and "savage aggression" had hit residential areas and office buildings as well as military targets, filling the hospitals of Tripoli and Misurata with civilian victims. Zawi accused the foreign powers of acting to protect a "rebel" leadership, which contains notorious terrorist elements. The Libyan government repeated its request for the UN to send international observers to report objectively on events in Libya. The attacking forces are expected to deploy more cruise missiles, Predator drones and bombers, seeking to destroy the Libyan air defense system as a prelude to the systematic decimation of Libyan ground units. International observers have noted that US Intelligence about Libya may be substandard, and that many cruise missiles may indeed have struck non-military targets!

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