It's All Over the Web: Most Americans are Brainless and Obedient Morons!

First the GOOD News: Even though Obama has screwed up our foreign policy beyond repair, he and his wife earned $1.7 million last year, and paid $453,770 in federal taxes, possibly to atone for the mess they have made in our foreign policy, and the many wars they have forced our army into. On the other hand, the Obamas donated $245,075 to charities, according to a copy of their 2010 tax form released by the White House on Monday, the deadline for filing tax returns, according to the Detroit Free Press. The White House said proceeds from the sale of the president's books account for most of the Obamas' income. Obama's annual salary as US president is about $400,000. The Obamas paid about $450,000 in federal taxes, and donated more than 14 percent of their income to 36 different charities last year. Monday is Tax Day in the United States, the last day to file federal income tax returns, or apply for an extension. Post offices throughout our country are often busy with filers who are rushing to mail the documentation and any payment by the deadline. Filers can also submit forms and payment electronically.

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