Tony Cartalucci-Libyan War: Defending the Indefensible

Even those who have studied the criminal consolidation of our planet under a global corporate-financier oligarchy may be noticing that the current war is turning into something new and unprecedented: The lies and propaganda have hit an all-time high, and no article encapsulates this better than the bizarre, grotesque piece written in the New York Times, titled: "Inferior Arms Hobble Rebels in Libya War." In it, the "glorious, heroic rebels" are described as under-armed, which requires them to to use weapons such as landmines, and rockets that indiscriminately target civilians and government troops alike. They also wield knives that they want to stuff into Qaddafi's heart. Perhaps this macabre , suspicious article is trying to excuse reports coming out, that the Libyan rebels, who themselves admit to ties to Al-Qaeda, are reportedly butchering, beheading, and mutilating captured government troops, and who are now guilty of employing the same weapons and tactics NATO has accused Qaddafi of using - the very justification used by NATO to enter the war in the first place! The New York Times indeed attempts to excuse these various grisly reports by saying that the rebels have little evident command-and-control and no clear or consistent rules of engagement: "I say - WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP, which obviously stinks to high heaven. NUFF SAID!"

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