Michel Chossudovsky: When War Games Go Live- The Rape of Libya

Are we waging a "humanitarian war" against the Libyan people? When I served as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, I found out the hard way, that there is no such thing. War is the most brutal intervention into the lives of the indigenous people of a country than anyone can ever imagine. Even the most gentle soldier, who is driven by compassion for a land's indigenous population will eventually become a brute, when he watches a comrade die before his eyes. The war in Libya, as well as the armed insurrection in that country, were planned months before the Arab protest movements on the African continent, and we were mistakenly led to believe that the protest movements in Egypt and Tunisia had "spread" to Libya. In fact, the "insurrection" in Libya was presented as a spontaneous response to a "wave" of pro-democracy activism which had swept the Arab World. In turn, we were led to believe that "the international community" decided in response to these unfolding events that "we must protect the lives of civilians", and refer the matter to the United Nations Security Council. The "media" then reported that it was only once the Security Council had adopted Resolution 1973, that the US and NATO member countries took the decision to intervene militarily in Libya under the "No Fly Zone." I say: "Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, since I was once a military "insider"! As Michel Chossudovsky correctly states, THE WAR ON LYBYA WAS KNOWN AND DECIDED WELL IN ADVANCE! UN SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 1973 Pertaining to Libya Was already on the Drawing Board MONTHS PRIOR TO THE ONSET OF THE "PRO-DEMOCRACY" Insurrection in Eastern Libya!

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