NATO Data Confirms the Magnitude and Destructive Nature of the Libya Military Operation

Since the beginning of the NATO operation in Libya, a total of 2,771 sorties and 1,110 strike sorties have been conducted. A total of 18 ships under NATO command are actively patrolling the Central Mediterranean. 22 Vessels were hailed , 10 boardings and 3 diversions have been conducted since the beginning of arms embargo operations: These sorties include only those tabulated since NATO took command of Operation Odyssey Dawn. It does NOT include the sorties between March 19 and March 30. The coalition is currently running more than a hundred sorties per day. We are dealing with a formidable military force, a deployment of naval power and air force bombers directed against a country of less than 7 million people, less than the population of Switzerland. There is evidence of mass civilian casualties: These are war crimes directed against a defenseless population. Bombers and fighters are deployed by the US Air Force and the Marine Corps, and in this mix, we must also include the concentrated killing power of France, the UK, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Qatar, UAE, Denmark, Norway, and others!

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