Ten Depressing Ways in Which America is Exceptional?

A Brookings Institution Report contradicts the saga of American "Exceptionalism". By comparing economic mobility in the United States and other countries concludes: Starting at the bottom of the earnings ladder is more of a handicap in the United States in the United States than in other countries. For Republican presidential candidates the phrase American Exceptionalism has taken on almost "Talismanic" qualities. Newt Gingrich's new book is titled "A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters". Don't be too sure, Mr. Gingrich. On the other hand, Mike Huckabee DECLARES: "To deny American exceptionalism is in essence to deny the heart and soul of this nation." What a bunch of useless crap: What is this American exceptionalism Republicans so venerate? After interviewing many Republican leaders, Washington Post Reporter Karen Tumulty concludes it is the belief that America "is inherently superior to the world's other nations". If you believe that, you may want to believe in the Easter Bunny as your Lord and Savior. Unfortunately, most Americans believe in their divine right to make other nations let their people die, when our "almighty" drones make mincemeat of little children in Afghanistan or Iraq. REALLY, this is so disgusting, that it makes me want to puke. "Oups" got to go, so that I can reach my toilet bowl in time. When I served as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, I made certain certain that we avoided killing the innocents of our world. Mr. Obama, reflect on that little tidbit for many weeks - perhaps you might eventually "see the light" yeah-right.

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