Dr. Kevin Barett:100 Critical Points About 9/11.

It's time for 'debunkers' to showcase their years of hard work. I'm looking for a concise and agreed upon explanation for each of the following items, so that we might forever put to rest these nonsense conspiracy theories about 9/11. Ideally, I'm hoping for a 1-4 sentence long, simplified explanation for each of these listed circumstances, explaining how they fit into the widely accepted narrative. If any of these conditions were not present as alleged, or if you find them to be irrelevant, just explain a more accurate interpretation of the corresponding data. Choose any number, or set of numbers, from the following list. For each point, write what you believe to be the official stance, relative to the mainstream Arab terrorist narrative. Consistency and consensus, is what we are looking for. The goal of this article is to have each of these points adequately addressed, in order to demonstrate, for any future "truthers", that there is a reasonable explanation for these circumstances, that was simply overlooked by the 9/11 Truth movement. Eventually, I would like to be able to construct a full outline of the 'debunker' consensus on these most relevant aspects of 9/11. Some of the points, below, may seem familiar. Special thanks to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and all of the honest institutions and individuals, who have made this article possible. Regarding WTC7: 1. Rapid onset of collapse. 2. Sounds of explosions at ground floor, reported immediately before the building's destruction. 3. Symmetrical structure failure, through the path of greatest resistance, at free fall acceleration. 4. Imploded, collapsing completely, and landed in its own footprint. 5. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic like clouds. 6. Expert corroboration from the top European controlled demolition, referring to the evidently bias free testimony of the late Danny Jowenko. 7. Foreknowledge of collapse by media, NYPD, FDNY, particularly the numerous media announcements of the WTC7 collapse, more than 20 minutes prior to its occurrence. 8. FEMA finds rapid oxidation and granular melting on structural steel samples. 9. Several tons of molten metal, reported by numerous highly qualified witnesses. 10. Very few visible fire deformation prior to complete collapse of WTC7. 11. No evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel. 12. High rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer lasting fires have never collapsed. One Meridian Plaza, First Interstate Bank!      

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