Jim W.. Dean: Obama and Neocons Openly Back Terrorism!

America using Proxy States for Terror, is a thin Veil to hide behind. The tragic comedy of the phony War on Terror, is being exposed as never before, for the sham that it is. Press TV reported yesterday the opening of the MKO terrorist organization office a block awat from the White House. What a message that sends to the world, that we look out for our terrorists, and take good care of them, but it just might take a little time to do it. This is the group who inflicted four 911's on Iran, by murdering 12,000 in terrorist attacks, much of it under Saddam, and then under under US protection, when we took over Iraq. Israel was involved also, no surprise there. We had no boots on the ground inside Iran for Intel collection, so the War on Terror stopped at the border of the MKO Camp Ashraf. Terrorists who worked for us were given immunity, while keeping them on the terrorist list, I assume until the day, when maybe nobody would remember what they did. We did not forget, about MKO, or the others. I was shocked when our State Department under Hillary Clinton announced last fall that MKO was being rehabilitated, by taking them off the terror list. It seems the International Criminal Court, might be off the hook for doing absolutely nothing about this group, thinking I guess, that mass murderers only lived in the Balkans or Africa. So the powers that we think they have slipped this one by on us. Here we have our Nobel Peace Prize winner President, effectively pardoning the killing of four times the 911 victims, when he has no authority to do so, because the MKO are not American citizens. I did not mention aiding and abetting terrorism, because that obviously was not a concern to his administration or the "Neo-Cons". We are all put at risk, if terrorist groups with well connected big bad brothers can provide them with not only material support, but protect them from prosecution. The status of a country doing so, is lowered to that of a Mafia chief, Murder Incorporated. This is not a fitting robe to wear for America, or is it? I was shocked, but not too much so, to find John Bolton and retired general Jim Jones, a Bush regime national security adviser, welcoming the MKO to Washington, DC. Does this mean that Jones was running a terror operation out of the White House? Aren't there some big laws against that, where even a former government official can be prosecuted for crimes against humanity?  

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