Stephen Lendman: New York Times vs North Korea!

The Times is America's unofficial ministry of information and propaganda. Daily managed news misinformation is featured. Articles, commentaries and editorials are "brazently" one sided. Readers are systematically lied to. Fiction substitutes for facts. Information is carefully filtered. Dissent is marginalized. When America goes to war, or plans one, Times editors, correspondents and contributors march in lockstep. Independent leaders are denigrated. Democrats are called despots. Rule of law principles don't matter. Democratic values are ignored. Imperial wars are called liberating ones. Mass murder, destruction and human misery go unreported. What is most important is not explained. Wealth, power and privilege alone matter. Wrong over right is endorsed. Patriotism means supporting what demands condemnation. America ''Ueber alles" matters most. The Times features hostile North Korean coverage. It has done so for decades. It is biased and irresponsible. Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were vilified. So is Kim Jong Un. An April 13 report called him young and defiant. Nonexistent threats are headlined. Truth is turned on its head. Readers are systematically misinformed, and lied to. It's long standing Times policy. News most fit to print is omitted. On April 12, The Times headlined North Korea's Nuclear Threats. What exactly is North Korea threatening to do, I asked? It issues near daily threats against the United States and South Korea, and sometimes at our United States forces in the Pacific. Irresponsibly deploying them there goes unmentioned. America's imperial agenda is not discussed. Its global footprint gets short shrift, and its permanent war agenda is not explained. Former US diplomat Charles Freeman commented earlier on Washington's war on terror. How can we win, he asked? America's enemies are so ill understood, that we must invent a non existent ideology for justification, he said. Not according to Times editors. Iran is Exhibit A. So is North Korea. They are the two remaining components of Bush's axis of evil. Times editors make sure their readers do not forget. In one of the boldest warnings, they claimed, the North said it could carry out "pre-emptive" nuclear strikes against the United States. Whether nuclear tipped or not, some of its missiles could hit South Korea or Japan, and American forces there. Why is North Korea threatening the United States? Because more sanctions followed its February nuclear test, The Times claimed. It also ratchets up its political speech during joint United States, during joint United States-South Korea military exercises.   

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