Preston James PhD: Operation Deception, North Korea!

So far, the conflict between the USG and North Korea is a virtual false flag only. A major Psyops designed to deflect attention away from a seriously failing US Administration, which is pulling out all the stops to pass gun control laws, which are designed to eventually lead to complete confiscation. This current conflict with North Korea has been engineered, and portrayed as a real state of conflict, when it is virtual only. In practical terms, North Korea and America are now only involved in a state of virtual war, which is unlikely to be followed with an actual real shooting war. Virtual war is an imaginary war, fought only in the major mass media, and the enemy is the news consumer, or the public, which is psychologically managed. Virtual war is a newer type of warfare, which is a major Psychological operation, aka a Psyop, that is, an act of Mind-war against the people. As the infamous Iron Mountain study group, which was comprised of the top secular scientists inside America concluded, a state of war is needed by societies to solidify them, strengthen them, and consolidate central governmental government power, necessary for the survival of the existing power structure. It was their conclusion, that the state's exercise of its war making power, provided the glue which held a nation together, and maintained their power over that society. A Deception is a two part operation where the first part, a major international deception, is communicated in the mass media, after being engineered by various USG officials and military, working with counterparts in other nations. The second part of the operation, is comprised of using that major deception, to manufacture false confidence of the people in their government, where none is indicated or deserved. The current USG conflict with North Korea is a back channel, virtual war, being fought in the major mass media for the purpose of distracting the American public, and creating the illusion that the current administration has prevented WW3, thus strengthening its viability. There is something for everyone when a Deception is successfully deployed. The USG gets what it wants, a bolstered image on successful avoidance of WW3, and an appearance of major nuclear war power, that established predominance in the world. The Korean people get bamboozled, and feel that they really showed the South Koreans and the Americans and Japanese, they can't be pushed around, and maybe a deal has already been negotiated for back-channel food or fuel shipments to North Korea, as part of the prearranged virtual war? The economy at home in America is failing, the common man has about had it with the current administration, and a long line of presidents, that have NOT served the people.           

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