Dr. Kevin Barrett: Making mayhem in Boston: The CIA links!

CIA fingerprints are all over the Boston Marathon bombings. In this article, Jerry Mazza notes that the likely perpetrator of the bombings, Craft International, is a CIA spin off. The patsies' Uncle Tsarny is part of the family of rogue CIA spook Graham Fuller. And the patsies were set up with the help of another rogue CIA spin off, the Mujahedin e Khalk (MEK), which uses American tax dollars to murder innocent civilians by the thousands in Iran. This shouldn't be surprising. After all, the radical Muslim terrorists in Chechnya are heavily supported by the CIA, their job is to attack Russia, not the US. The whole idea of a self radicalized Chechen attacking the US is preposterous. Bottom line: It looks as though the CIA is split by the same bifurcated command structure that afflicts the US military. The making of mayhem: By Jerry Mazza: First, you find two or more young, disgruntled immigrants and/or US citizens, preferably from countries that have been violated by the US, or another superpower, like Russia. They might have been taken to the US by parents who were refugees, looking for asylum from some part of the world like Chechnya, split by civil war, brutal repression of the larger power, seeming to breed terrorists who had already been creating attacks against civilians, including schools, movie theaters, public events, within that larger power. Two of these young immigrants were the Tsarnaev Brothers, Tamerlan, the elder, 26, and Dzokhar, 19, the younger. A third immigrant was the bellicose Uncle Tsarny, who changed his name from Tsaraev to Tsarny to distance himself from the family. In this case, the two, would be Chechan guerillas were supported by a terrorist organization called MEK, People's Mujahedin e Khalq, which was also supported by the CIA. Take note. Now, mix in the national intelligence agency of a rival country to that larger, more powerful one that was willing to provide support to terrorists that were attacking it, and add our Brothers and their bellicose Uncle Tsarny, who coincidentally had been married to the daughter Samantha Fuller of a top member of the CIA, Graham Fuller. Fuller had a substantial history of active participation in that agency's major clandestine operations. Is anyone suspicious about the connections between the brothers, Uncle Tsarni, and the CIA so far? The real Chechen terrorists, it turns out, were useful to the US in keeping the heat up on the Russians, just as the Afghan mujahedeen was used in the anti Soviet war in Afghanistan, from 1980 to 1989, to sap Russia's military strength and financial resources. Chechnya even drew neocons who signed up as Chechnya's friends, including former CIA Director James Woolsey. The acting principle is the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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