Gordon Duff: Air Force Leaks Launch Codes: Minot Air Force Base Ground Zero

for Annihilation Cult Treason. This week, the Air Force went through Minot Air Force Base again, The 91st Missile wing failed an inspection, and 17 officers with nuclear weapons authority were relieved of duty. The real story, pushed by AP and other agencies out of the public eye, is that the real reason for the crackdown was the leaking of America's nuclear launch codes. From the Associated Press, the toned down version of what may well have been doomsday for the world, not at all unexpected at a base deeply infiltrated by extremist cult members: possible disciplinary action is pending against one other officer at Minot, who investigators found had purposefully broken a missile safety rule in an unspecified act, that could have compromised the secret codes, that enable the launching of missiles, which stand on high alert in underground silos, in the nation's midsection. Officials said there was no compromise of missile safety or security. This isn't the first time for something like this at Minot, not by a long shot. Back in 2008, Defense Secretary Robert Gates cleaned out the entire Air Force, with the exception of key personnel with strong backing from the Israeli lobby. Beginning in 1956, Minot AFB quickly grew, to become one of the largest dual wing Strategic Air Command bases, covering over 5,000 acres of land, with the Minuteman missile complex distributed over 5,500 acres of land, with the Minuteman missile complex distributed over 8,500 square miles. During the sixties, there were 5,742 officers and enlisted personnel working at the base, with another 468 at the radar sites, making Minot one of the largest of the forty nine SAC bases. Throughout the Cold War, the importance of the base cannot be overemphasized for it fielded a full arsenal of weapons for nuclear deterrence, including 150 Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles in silos. Fifteen B-52H Stratofortress nuclear bombers, also capable of air to ground missile launch systems, fifteen KC-135 Stratotanker refueling tankers, UH-1F Huey rescue helicopters, and the Aerospace Defense Command's 5th Fighter Interceptor Squadron of twenty F-106 Delta Darts. To this day, the B-52 Stratofortress, and 150 Minuteman III ICBM's remain on alert at Minot AFB. The spin is blaming a malaise in the Air Force, since their diminished role, after the end of the Cold War. With an Army armed with its own drone capabilities, we are told the Air Force is having a "hissy fit" over not being able to threaten the planet with nuclear destruction quite as often as they used to.

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