Jim W. Dean: Boston: Who did what to whom?

The postmortem of the Boston bombing begins, which includes identifying controlled deception and cover. The smoke has cleared, and the dust on the Boston bombing is finally beginning to settle a bit. The frenzy on the Internet, of everyone pouring over the huge number of images, and appointing themselves instant photo analysts, has cooled down somewhat, too. But today we will drive the wooden stake through the heart, of some of the god awful silly accusations, that were made, which has hurt the hunt for the truth. We understand the public is hypersensitive about false flag attacks now. The 911 commission was considered a bad joke majority around the world, but that went nowhere. The Bush administration, and virtually all of America's institutions, acted as they did not care, the proof being, that there was no major push for an under oath investigation. That was a huge mistake, as it invited more attacks, and they came. It's good for people to be skeptical, but going too far, plays into the hands of the bad guys as well, meaning Internet sleuths can provide good cover for the professional deception crowd. This always takes the attention away from the most vulnerable areas, any false flag perpetrators prefer to be ignored. An experienced Intel analyst, right off the bat, is going to be hypersensitive about what is not being talked about, and/or covered by media and investigators on the first day or two. That is where you start sniffing like a bird dog. At Veteran's Today, we stuck our flag in the ground early on the bombing drill, once again, being conducted on the day of a major event. Yes it was early in the morning, and in the vicinity of the start of the race, while the bombing was at an end. But this has happened so many times, I think now, that all live events that are going to have a Homeland Security drill should be canceled, or all those attending be made to sign a release waiver, that they understand they might be blown up. After the first day, media reports of the drill disappeared. Poof, and they were gone. With that also went anomaly number two, the Craft security contractors, who were so prominently visible at the finish line area, with their silly hats and uniforms. The backpacked fragment of the first bomb matched exactly one that was clearly photographed on an Israeli looking Craft contractor. But corporate media never mentioned a word about them, something that was an obvious and normal area of inquiry to even a rookie detective. That is a sign that the media was waived off of the bombing drill, and Craft presence on one day one a bad sign, but also a good one in that someone very high up wanted that shut down, and it was. 

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