Gordon Alex Graham: Allison in Wonderland, Boldly Going Nowhere!

When a progressive newspaper like the Washington Post speaks out, or permits others to use their fish-wrap, against the ruling Administration and one of his cabinet hirelings, you just know the King's new invisible finery is going to be put to the test. Rep. DD. Hunter and Pete Hegseth, his wordsmith, recently vocalized for all to hear, what many have been nodding their heads, and saying privately for weeks. Ever since Allison in Wonderland went up the Hill, and wove her tale of a rabbit hole of claims, and a cat with a timepiece to fix it, Congress in both houses has been rather aloof and cool to both generals. You get to do the Wolf! Yo! I say Wolf-yonder! Bring the guns! on several occasions before the novelty wears off, Chicken Little didn't get that email, and was forced to repeat the blunder years later. Doesn't anyone read George Santayana anymore? Well, here we are. Someone has discovered that the books have been cooked, and things are actually worse than the bean counters said they were, It actually takes way more than 273 days, on average, to get your claim adjudicated. If you currently have a claim with the VA and an IQ above room temperature, you may have noticed this anomaly. Try 600 days at some of the bigger VAROs, they have outfitted with the drive thru windows for the fully developed claims. Why they put in bulletproof glass, is fairly self explanatory by now. In all fairness, let's be realistic. Would I want that job? Would would you? I am sure we would be well intentioned, just as General Shinseki most undoubtedly is. I may give him a lot of grief here, but his little people are killing him. They are completely caught up in a culture that died around World War Vietnam. Deny. Deny. They are completely caught up in a culture that died around World War Vietnam. Deny, Deny. If they are completely caught up in a culture that died around World War Vietnam. Deny. Deny. If they do not appeal, there are more bonuses for us. These "Untermenschen" are the reason we suffer as we do. Instead of a culture modeled on Greece's, where warriors were considered just below Gods, our Veterans Administration obfuscates, nitpicks and delays settling with Veterans, until they are between the proverbial rock and the hard place. Having a complaisant VSO willing to settle for tinnitus and withdrawing the TBI claim, does not help much either. Or the one I heard today about the C&P, where the Doctor did a TBI exam, but managed to overlook the amputation of one of the gentleman's limbs. Good to go, bro! Just don't get in any ass kicking contests. A new paradigm is in the offing. The President discovered this hot potato was not going down well with the majority of Americans. They vote! 

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