Michael Korn: Wanted, A psychiatric diagnose of Nazi holocaust denial.

Mr Hart, I am a Jewish believer in Jesus. I was raised in the USA, and moved to Israel after college, where I lived as an ultra Orthodox Jew for 18 years. I was raised in the USA, and moved to Israel after college, where I lived as an ultra Orthodox Jew for 18 years. I was baptized by South African missionaries on 20 June 2000 in Israel. Recently I have had some correspondence with Germans, who have shared perspective on the Holocaust and WWII. I think I might be able to provide you with some answers. First, these Germans believed that Hitler was a genuine patriot, who wrought miracles for a German society, that had been devastated by the punitive financial terms of the Versailles Treaty. Second, they are incensed that Jews, who comprised less than 1% of the German population in those days, virtually controlled the entire German economy. Third, they consider that Germany herself suffered a Holocaust of intensive Allied firebombings of German civilian cities from the very outset of the war. The book Human Smoke, documents Churchill's murderous crusade against German civilians in nighttime bombings, that lasted for six months, before Germany finally retaliated with the battle of Britain. The Jewish Holocaust narrative does not make room to ever acknowledge this holocaust, or those inflicted on Imperial Japan by Americans. Why deny? A Christian Jew explains Holocaust denial. Finally, as a Christian believer, surely you recognize that Jewish people have an account to settle with their Creator, for continuing to denigrate His Son Jesus. If Hitler was God's instrument of wrath, who are we to soften the blow? Now kindly read the excerpts from Mr. Grisham: This is a really interesting exchange about a John Grisham book, that inadvertently puts some of the claims of Holocaust Revisionists in a more favorable light. Leonard Vincent is the chief attorney for the Mississippi Department of Corrections, whom Grisham thanks in his acknowledgements as being of great assistance in helping him prepare the background for the book. Vincent substantiates the passage from the novel I have excerpted below, as truthfully describing the incredible precautions necessary when executing a prisoner in an American gas chamber. Given these precautions, how do you explain the claims of Jewish groups, that the Germans would gas 100-200 inmates at a time, and then other inmates were forced to immediately evacuate the gas chamber, and cart off bodies to ovens without any protective measures. Is it even possible? Or is it the case that the prison officials simply erred on the side of caution, and there is no real danger to come into direct contact with corpses gassed to death with cyanide?    

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