Allen L. Roland: Prophet For A Dying Empire, Chalmers Johnson!

Every dying Empire has its truth telling prophet, and America had its own with Chalmers Johnson. Johnson correctly compared the decay of the American empire, with its well over 600 overseas military bases, with the fall of the Roman Empire, whereas the Senate becomes a wealthy corporate club and irrelevant compared to the ruling Military Industrial Congressional Complex. Chalmers Johnson was a truth teller and prophet in a political environment, where few would stand up to the interests and secrecy of the Pentagon and to the intelligence community, and since his passing in November of 2010, many of his prophetic fears have been realized in the Obama administration. Johnson, author of Blowback, Sorrows of Empire and Nemesis, The Last Days of the American Republic, talks in this video interview about the similarities in the decline of the Roman and Soviet empires and the signs that the US empire is exhibiting the very same symptoms, overextension, corruption and the inability to reform. Johnson's main points were: The United States is trading the same three steps as the former Soviet Union: Inability to deal with corporate corruption. Imperial over stretch is leading to fiscal insolvency, with 600 plus bases throughout the world. Inability to reform, thus accelerating the inevitable fall. Chalmers offered the solution, but suspected that it was already too late for America: Reform Congress, Reform corrupt election laws. Re-division of electoral college. Cutback funding of intelligence agencies and department of the defense and take steps to break up the Military Industrial Congressional Complex. Chalmers expected considerable resistance, but also said that only the truth could avoid the inevitable fall of the American empire, as it did in bringing down the Soviet Union. Thus, only the role of the alternative media in exposing the truth can rescue a crumbling Republic that has rapidly become a corrupt plutocracy. It is my opinion, that there is one central truth that can bring down America's Berlin wall of denial along with the deceit of the War on Terror, it's the big, big lie and America's greatest act of treason, it's the monstrous lie of 9/11 along with its unchallenged official story. America's present day prophet for our dying empire is Chris Hedges, America In the Time of Empire, who wrote in 2007, that all great empires or nations decay from within. By the time they hobble off the world stage, overrun by the hordes at the gates or vanishing quietly into the pages of history books, what made them successful and powerful no longer has relevance.

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