Stew Webb: The Big One Holder's El Cid US Attorney Ron Machen Jr.

Why There Will Be No Grand Jury on Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the AP and Fox Wire Taps, or Judicial Corruption. At the center of today's headlines, the point man on the ground for the government is United States Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. US Attorney Machen obtained the AP and Fox News subpoenas and timed the leak of the AP surveillance to be the same day as the preplanned leak of IRS disclosures about Tea Party processing delays. The real story is bigger, and USA Machen holds the career futures of both Attorney General Eric Holder and Chief Supreme Justice Roberts in his capable hands. Like my Veterans' Today readership, I have been paying special attention to the news leading up to Memorial Day, that time when we remember our fallen comrades, and can't help but measure our own lives since leaving the service of our nation USMC. All of us wonder from time to time, but especially on the national holiday dedicated to the ones that sacrificed all, if we have upheld the values, the constitution, and the America they died defending. In the weeks leading up to Memorial Day, articles in this publication and others have revealed the top brass in all branches of the military having a Major General Smedley Butler-esque crisis over the lawfulness of their ordered prosecution of America's armed conflicts and the mass human suffering it caused. MCNBC's Rachael Maddow reported last week that other leader, that civilian General, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted for the first time, that the US killed 4 Americans with drone strikes,, despite having only targeted one. The following day, the Commander in Chief, President Obama, directed that operations of the drones will mostly be returned to military control, and never used against Americans on American soil. As Americans, we can be proud of a military that has always remained loyal to the constitution and the rule of law, and a national leadership that reflects openly upon its efforts and failures in measuring up to the legacy passed on to us. However, in this article, I am going to be calling your attention to something more related to the roots of Memorial Day. Decoration Day, as it used to be known, when our grand parents and great grand parents carried on the tradition of decorating the graves of America's civil war dead. A great way to memorialize why we never can tolerate such a conflict again. Because there were so many fallen.

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