Cem Ertur: The Role of Turkey in the US-NATO Israeli War on Syria!

Syria is worrying that it will be attacked by Turkey from above and by Israel from below. It is worrying that it will be squeezed between us like a sandwich. Israeli President Ezer Weizman, 1993-2000, interview with Guneri Civaoglu, Caesarea, Israel, 11 June 1996. Although Turkey has never taken part in a war alongside us, it is a positive factor for Israel that Syria has an enemy on its northern frontiers. Syria will never attack Turkey, but it cannot exclude the reverse, based on former Israeli Defence Minister Uri Or (1995-1996), interview with Alain Gresh, Tel Aviv, October 1997. When the US and its allies launched the covert war on Syria in 2011, they were expecting that either Syria's political establishment would collapse within a short duration, or they would find a way to ignite an open war. As Syria's leaders and people proved to be exceptionally resilient, increasingly more brutal means have been deployed to tear the country apart. Being at the forefront of this covert war in every respect, Turkey has been thoroughly complicit in monumental war crimes committed against the neighboring people of Syria. Turkey's phony peace with its neighbors Syria, since November 2008, came to an abrupt end in May 2011, when its central role in NATOs covert war against Syria became evident. As for Turkeys phony conflict with Israel, which began with the May 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla massacre, has also been fully exposed, when Turkey overtly supported Israels blatant acts of military aggression against Syria in 2013. The repercussions of the May 2013
Reyhanli false flag bombing attacks near Turkey's border with Syria in 2013. The repercussions of the May 2013 Reyhanli false flag bombing attacks near Turkey's border with Syria is the latest evidence of a deep crisis of legitimacy for the United States, Britain, Israel and Turkey, the four countries whose alliance has been dominating the political scene in the Middle East and beyond since 1990. Israeli Air Attacks on Damascus: As NATO's international mercenary forces from 29 different countries started suffering heavy defeats against the Syrian Army, Israeli Air Forces came to their rescue, by launching two separate air strikes in Syria, both of which were blatant acts of war. After the first Israeli air attack on Damascus on January 30th, Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu made the following remarks: Why did the Syrian Army, which has been launching attacks on its own innocent civilian population for the past 22 months with jets from the air, and with tanks and artillery fire from the ground, not retaliate against this Israeli operation?

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