Kevin Barrett: Osama bin Laden's Ghost!

Tim King, Salem News.com. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other human beings as an appreciable act. bin Laden. How many Americans know Osama bin Laden denied being connected to the attacks on the United States, Sept. 11th 2001? Is it possible to imagine a terrorist going to that much effort, knowing full well that the one and only result would be an attack on an unprecedented scale against two Middle eastern countries, and failing to claim it? The man, bin Laden, didn't deny it once, he denied it over and over again, but the United States media and press failed to divulge it in any meaningful way. George W. Bush told the public bin Laden claimed the act on the very same days that bin Laden issued statements saying he had nothing to do with it. Then, as if on cue, he would materialize in the bin Laden tapes, and Bush and Cheney would release them, always at key times to deflect attention from real issues. Obama played along and secured his second election for having captured and killed bin Laden, don't believe it for a second. Now prosecutors in the Bradley Manning trial, say Manning had directly communicated with bin Laden. That's pretty interesting, did he use a seance? Regardless of the non-illustrious lies of the Bush and Obama administrations, Usama or Osama, as the west likes to refer to him, has been a dead man walking for many years. Strong evidence points to bin Laden having been killed during the Northern Alliance period in the final days of 2001. It happened in the caves at Tora Bora, diring a series of ferocious attacks at the onset of the long running war in Afghanistan. I have spoken to two US Army Special Forces operators who were there, and while neither positively identified the body of this most wanted terrorist, they strongly believed that they successfully targeted his location. The terrorist's remains were sealed up in a collapsed cave. As you will note in the links below to past articles, there is another source that claims bin Laden's death was more recent, approximately six years ago. I was in Jalalabad, Afghanistan in 2007, in bin Laden's former training camp that the Afghan National Army (ANA) controls today. Here I had a first hand opportunity to talk to people and learn what they knew about this notorious war lord, who helped free the people and learn from a ten-year Soviet occupation that in spite of its brutality, failed to claim as many lives as the US war on Iraq alone.  

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