Roi Tov: The House That Broke The Camel's Back!

Even Hebrew speakers, always reluctant to admit their knowledge of Arabic, understand and adopted the idiom the straw that broke the Camel's Back, an Arabic Idiom. The denizens of the Triangle are Palestinian citizens of Israel, they don't serve in the IDF. Their towns are discriminated against by the Israeli Administration, which is most evident in their infrastructure, which lags decades behind those in Jewish cities. Thus, protests abound. In 1999, 500 denizens were hurt in riots protesting the Israeli government's inhuman expropriation of lands. In September 2000, rioting during the Second Intifada left three dead and over 100 wounded. Considering this, one would expect the government to be careful in all its actions there. Yet, Israel walked in like an elephant in a crystal shop. The Triangle is one of the areas targeted by the Price Tag terror attacks. Recently, Prime Minister Netanyahu took an odd decision, banning the attacks in the West Bank, but allowing them within the Green Line: Jews are allowed to puncture tires, Palestinians can not. We don't understand, said Hebrew Media? The house that broke the camel's back was located in Bar'aa, near Katzir Junction. It was built forty years ago, and five years afterwards, a demolition order was issued due to the lack of a construction permit. Two days afterwards, on Friday, after the Muslim noon prayers, the protests broke. For 35 Years, the Israeli Administration did nothing. Then, days after Netanyahu allowed his hooligans to damage private property in the Triangle, the house was destroyed by the police. Was this circumstantial? Was this a lucky coincidence? Don't attempt to claim that to those who lost everything. The Hebrew media emphasized the fact that the demolition order was old. It failed to understand that time doesn't make an illegitimate order right. Time is not a method for legalizing evil. The issue of the permit is crucial. They didn't have a construction permit! a Zionist would exclaim at this point. It was more than one house: The quiet protests were called as a reaction to the demolition of the house and thr recent approval of the Prawer Law, aimed at expelling more than 30,000 Bedouins from their homes in the Negev Desert. Both events are related. What Israel calls Minorities' Citizens, Palestinians, Bedouins, Druzes, Circassians, experience difficulties in obtaining construction permits. In old properties, Israel requests an Ottoman Kushan. Seldom is this property ownership document available. This is part of a coordinated effort of Israel to confiscate and purchase land. I must destroy your home, you don't have a permit, the policeman said. You refused to give me one, the Palestinian dared to answer. You are a terrorist criminal, the policeman countered and destroyed the man's house. On Friday, after the prayers, about 1,500 denizens of the Triangle gathered near the site of the demolished house.

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