Gordon Duff: Idiot Drop, July 2, 2013!

Some Truths and A Few Things Idiots Would Like You to Believe. The following exchange is my response to an email that showed up this morning. I am awake early, before noon, as I have a conference call on a disaster relief project. There is a reason for reading this. I think it may actually be funny. We need funny. Another point: Being a total tool is not an innocent thing. The alternative media or whatever the hell you call it, has become quite powerful. Veterans Today is responsible for more than any other organization. Veterans Today is a rather large organization, one that grows continually, runs very well with no funds, no advertising and no editorial policy. However, it has been forced, by necessity, to get better. We still have fun but with writers like Preston James, Roytov, Jim Dean, Kevin Barrett, Dean Henderson and so many others, the absolute best anywhere, we are under pressure to do more, to be more. Anyway, we begin with my response. I will clean out some of the email addresses which should be public anyway. I read all my email, others should do the same. One thing for sure, should you make it down the page, some people have too much time on their hands. To understand my response, reading the hodge-podge of speculation and self aggrandizement below will help. Dear folks, this is a rare peek behind the curtain of the frank exchanges that occur regarding internal discussions. The plague of bloggers let loose upon the earth like locusts is a frequent topic as they were a slam dunk tool, and an expensive one, for major nation Intel organizations to exploit. We have starving or egotistical bloggers as ready to print bogus news as quickly as any Murdoch organization arm. We weren't naive, and always knew there would be some of this in the alternative media. But we gave ourselves forty lashes and fasted for half a day for not grasping how deeply the state organs had put their hooks into alternative media. We had our eyelids razor bladed open during the Libyan war we all ALL the alt media controlled opposition deployed. To our amazement we saw masses of fake liberal sites teaming up with the hardest of  the hard core NeoCons like Giuliani wing to defend Gaddafi. Of course the cash was flowing freely, which we found about when a Libyan ministry defector came over and brought the pay scale particulars with him. What a surprise they were, paying $500 just for getting a pro-Gaddafi post up on a blog, and then $2000 for a good mention in the mass media. We never got a check as we were on the wrong side of that one in terms of getting paid. We usually are, and we like it that way. Gordon Duff, I had no idea that Shamir was still around. 

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