Roi Tov: Western Instigated Putsch in Egypt!

Anak! To fill one's mouth with water, is a Hebrew idiom meaning refusing to comment. It successfully describes the reaction of the Israeli Administration and the Hebrew media to the ongoing
putsch in Egypt. It was obvious that Israel supports the coup d'etat that deposed President Morsi, who is closely related to the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, saying that openly was taboo. Endangering the Seven Seas,, they filled their mouths with water. Thus, while preparing this article, I just browsed the Hebrew media for pictures of the event. Their chit-chat was irrelevant. Egypt July 2013: Prayers amidst a coup d'etat. Predatory States: Operation Condor and Covert War in Latin America. I found a good one in the largest paid newspaper Yediot Ahronot. While downloading it, I noticed its strange name. Since I write my articles on Notepad, skipping html writing software after a fastidious failed attack in 2009, I need to edit the name, or at least to introduce it manually into the articles. Commercial websites feature machine generated names. These are long strings of random numbers and letters to avoid duplicate names. Yet, this picture, reproduced at the top of this page, was different. It shows an Egyptian man and reads Revolution in Egypt. The file name was anak, which is Hebrew for giant. Other images in the article were named anak 1, anak 2, and so on, creating an alliteration that left no room for considering this a random fluke of their publishing software. Egypt July 2013, Protests and a coup d'etat. State Violence and Genocide in Latin America. In a minimalistic way intended for those understanding its culture, Israel was showing its joy for yet another successful tampering with the Arab World. Giant! Great 1! Great 2! We were involved! The Mark of the Beast. Shhhh! It is a secret! Surprisingly, not even the Egyptians know what happened. Was that a coup d'etat by the military? Was the event a legitimate application of unknown constitutional clauses? Was it a military putsch, a popular revolution, or just regular protests that went out of control? Can a general appear on the television and announce that the President is deposed? Does Colonel General Abdul Fatah al Sisi, Chairman of the Supreme Council pf the Armed Forces of Egypt, think that Egypt is another South American banana republic saying Amen to a CIA Operation Condor? Who gave him such illegitimate authority? Reports were odd even after the event. Morsi supporters claimed that he still was the president while the army announced he was under custody together with Muslim Brotherhood leaders, while a Justice was sworn as temporary president. As these lines are written, blood is being spilled on Cairo's streets after the Friday's prayers.  

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