Veterans Today: Tahir II, The Egyptian Revolution moves forward!

If it was a coup, it was a people's coup with the army siding with the folks twice twice in a row now. I was working on my post Morsi purge write up after taking a break from indulging in a prediction piece the day before, one which I will now frame and display in a prominent place. But just as I began to organize my thoughts for a follow up piece that would not be repetitive of what I had already done, here comes brother Feroze who had already covered the points I was thinking of and done so in spades. So here it is, a guaranteed good read, while I go off to bring my Press TV piece over to VT later today. No matter how people try to spin this, at the end of the day the young Egyptians who brought who brought Mubarak down and suffered the most for it, put 22 million signatures together which gave the army complete cover that they are pulling a coup. This qas a people's coup , and we need more of them, something for the military folks to think about. Thanks Feroze, Jim W. Dean. When will Americans get off their butts and do this? Egypt!! All of late last night I was transfixed & watching both Al Jazeerah & CNN as the developments unfolded in Cairo & across Egypt. It was clear from the popular mobilisation in Tahrir, at the Presidential Palace, Alexandria, Suez to Mansoura & in every major city across Egypt, that not only had the Morsi-led Muslim Brotherhood lost the popular mandate of the people, but more so had never understood it, due to their narrow Islamic perspective. The mobilisation & the determined & buoyant mood far outstripped even the anti-Mubarak uprising in 2011. The Tahrir Revolution I was a Peoples Uprising & not only an Islamic Awakening & this was what the Ikhwaan &the Salafists did not comprehend. The revolution was for a democratic, inclusive, plural & diverse Egypt, where the various segments of society would all be given their rightful due. But the Islamists in their fervor entirely misconstrued the mandate & thus betrayed the soul of Egypt & its ancient culture & civilization. Thus it was the Youth who once again seized the initiative & launched the Tamarod Movement Rebellion & collected 22, 2.2 Crore signatures in 3 months. Morsi had 13 Million votes & had promised to mobilize 1 Million people on the 30th of June. The numbers surpassed all calculations & finally we had figures ranging up to 33 Million Egyptians across the country, who came out as they felt that the Revolution had been betrayed because the entire political & social space was being hegemonised by thr MB-Salafists. The economy was worsening, the Government was promoting religious extremism & sectarianism, Coptic Christians were utterly marginalized.

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