Jim W. Dean: The West on Egypt, Hyprocrisy on Steroids!

An Egyptian Nails the West on Morsi and the Brotherhood. People power wins twice in a row, so far. Egypt's Revolution II continues to roll out as we had anticipated from reading the tea leaves, so far. The main Western hypocrites have been performing on queue, also as expected. But they should be more embarrassed this time. Although the Snowden case wiped the Syrian news off the news, it did not wipe out our memory banks. So when we hear British, American, and French foreign ministers uttering concern over the removal of a democratic government, we almost have to excuse ourselves to not throw up in public. Such comments from such officials are proof that they consider all the rest of us morons with memories that don't last more than a day, or a few days for the really smart people. They all have been calling for the continuing, actually an escalation of the terror campaign against an elected Assad government, of which I am not a fan, but I am also not a voter there. The young people of Egypt did not reach out to foreign militia training in neighboring countries, and to be armed and paid by the citizens of their country, so they could bathe Egypt in blood. They have not called for Western heavy weapons, or a No Fly Zone over the Muslim Brotherhood. They have not called on the Israelis to crank up the car and truck bombing campaigns that they are known in the world wide Intel community for being very talented. No Muslim Brotherhood leader has been assassinated, had his head cut off on cellphone video, or his family members taken hostage. All these things are being done
by democratic Western countries and the Persian Gulf state proxies. One of them, Qatar, was a big funding supporting or the brotherhood, which with their years of on the ground organizational experience gave them a substantial advantage over their first time fractured political opponents. Some Muslim Brotherhood leaders are arrested. Will they be charged with corruption? Although the MB had a long history of underground ant-Mubarak resistance, were could not know if that was motivated for Egypt's or the MB's benefit or who was supporting them behind the scenes. What appears to have
happened in the past year is that the Egyptian people found out. I as aware that the original revolutionaries, the Egyptian young people had collected 22 million signatures against the Brotherhood rule. But I did not know, which I just learned today, that they have collected these in just a month! It was an astounding accomplishment. And those wanting to tag Egypt Rev II as a coup are giving away their hand how scared to death they are of their own youth pulling of something similar and hooking up with their own army to make a few changes.   

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