Fidel Castro Ruz: Are We Truly Ready For a Partnership of Equals?

Are we our brother's keeper? Fidel Castro Ruz wants to know - he REALLY DOES! On Saturday evening, on the 19th of this month, after a sumptuous banquet, NATO leaders ordered their attack on Libya. Of course, NOTHING could occur without the United States claiming its irrefutable role as "supreme leader". From its command post of that institution in Europe, a senior official declared that "Odyssey Dawn" was about to begin. World public opinion was deeply touched by the tragedy in Japan - The number of victims of the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear accident has kept on growing. By now, there are thousands of dead, missing, and radiation contaminated. Resistance to the use of nuclear energy will also grow considerably. The world, in other words, is suffering. At the same time, the consequences of climatic changes, shortages and higher prices of food, military spending and the squandering of natural and human resources are increasing. Now, the people of our troubled planet are also faced with the turmoil of war. Enter Obama's trip through Latin America, for which, considering their many hardships, people were hardly paying attention. Obama had wanted to win the South American giant over to his way of thinking: He spoke of the extraordinary rise of Brazil, but no-one was really listening, though Obama was ready to support that country as a permanent member of the privileged Security Council.

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