Is "Nobel Prize Winner Obama" More Brutal Than Bush

Those Americans and upstanding World Citizens who suffered through the "Bush Years" understand that Bush was a lying, war-mongering, torturing tyrant, who was far worse than the Romans in their day of crucifying Christians in their brutal and bloody arenas of torture! Is Nobel peace prize winner Obama even worse? Many governments, US congressmen, and other individuals have demanded that Obama return his Nobel peace prize for bombing Libya without congressional approval. Bush got our country into two wars to "protect our strategic national interests, and Obama just got us into a third war "for the same reason." Bush's decision to invade Iraq was met with large protests, and now Obama decided to get us into another war for the same reason. While Bush funded terrorist groups in other parts of our world, Obama is allegedly funding terrorist groups in Iran, and now, he is aiding the Libyan "rebels", even though there are allegations that over 1000 of them are Al Qaeda radicals, and that their leaders are CIA assets.

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