Why Sarkozy Went to war in Libya

The French president spent five years as Minister of the Interior, building the image of a radical crime and immigration fighter, (in areas related to people of Muslim origin). Apparently Sarkozy wants to repeat the political strategy of the 2007 campaign, when he sought to follow the advice of Karl Rove. Instead of just trying to build a majority, he believed it is more effective to promote controversial issues such as immigration, identity, crime and Islam, which may provoke the fragmentation of the opposition. Besides the oil and import of arms, the issue of immigration comes up as a major concern of the European Community in relation to recent events in Libya and North Africa. One of the words most used by European diplomats in recent days to refer to the action of Gaddafi as "unacceptable". However, in recent years, it has been perfectly acceptable for the governments of the European Community to "outsource" the protection of their borders to this same "dictator". Over three years the police apparatus of Libya was used to keep migrants away from the sacred soil of Europe. "We are extremely concerned about developments in North Africa", said a spokesman for the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs - Michele Cercone, who visited Libya last year to carry out cooperation agreements with the promise for assistance of 5 billion euros a year in exchange for the cooperation of Colonel Gaddafi, who warned that: "Tomorrow, maybe Europe is no longer European, but black."

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