Gaddafi Rejects Rebel Truce Offer!

Moamar Gaddafi's regime has rejected a conditional ceasefire offer made by Libyan rebels, saying government forces would NOT withdraw from towns they now control. "Insurgents", who have been fighting for weeks to topple Mr. Gaddafi's regime had proposed a ceasefire on the condition government forces agreed to stop their assault on key cities and towns in the country's east, but government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim called the truce offer a trick, and said it would NOT be adhered to: "The rebels never offered peace. They don't offer peace, they are making impossible demands. We will NOT leave our cities. We are the government, not them", adding that the government was always ready to negotiate and wanted peace. The rebels insist despite the ceasefire offer, their goal is still to topple Mr. Gaddafi's regime, which has continued to make inroads into rebel-held cities, including the north-west oil town of Brega. Rebel forces have struggled for two days to retain and keep control of towns and facilities in Libya's east. The Libyan army has driven them out of a string of key oil terminals that the rebels had twice seized in recent weeks. Meanwhile, rebel leaders admit a lack of discipline and organization among opposition forces has cost the lives of too many children and civilians at the front line of the country's weeks-long conflict.

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