HAARP: America's Weapon to destroy our Planet!

The geo-tectonic disasters which led to the nuclear disaster in Japan, were caused by HAARP, an acronym for "High Frequency Active Auroral Research", which may well be the most silent and deadly weapon of all time, primarily because it is invisible to the eye, and therefore its existence can be denied by the US government, and readily dismissed by the world's media. Those in the forefront of probing and exposing this kind of government behavior have issued warnings about HAARP for many years, but few have paid any heed. As it is, the daily lives of people seem blissfully unaffected by events about which they know little or nothing. Daily news reports unfold with no mention as to how the powerful operate behind the scenes. We pay our mortgages, book our vacations and school our children, as a corporate and government "elite" engage in projects beyond our wildest imaginations. Conditioned to accept that "all is well" or, that we are powerless to affect change in a world disintegrating before our eyes. We conduct our lives until one day it affects us directly, but by then it is far too late. Ask the people of Japan how they feel, and the answers they now seek in the aftermath of unimaginable loss, and yet another future generation desecrated and ravaged by nuclear radiation.

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