Gaddafi Forces retake Brega from fleeing "Rebels"!

Looks as though it's "Curtain Time" for the Libyan rebels, while Gaddafi's forces retake Brega, while rebel fighters are running for cover in the featureless desert. With Gaddafi's forces are advancing on Ajdabiya, rebels are fleeing back to the position they held before NATO air strikes began. Though NATO planes continue to bombard the retreating rebels, their outgunned opponents are being forced back from positions taken earlier this week, when they advanced to within 60 miles of Sirte, Gaddafi's home city. Meanwhile, as debate within the anti-Gaddafi "international coalition" over the legality of arming the rebellion continued, the foreign secretary, William Hague, said it would be "possible" to supply weapons under certain circumstances. Earlier, David Cameron told the Commons no decision had been made, but he "would not necessarily rule out the protection of civilians in certain circumstances. The rebels' rapid withdrawal came just days after they raced westward following the destruction of government tanks and artillery in five days of aerial bombardment in Ajdabija. Ragtag opposition fighters have repeatedly been forced to retreat after fierce bombardments by the more disciplined government troops.

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