Pravda Comment: Obama Is a Barefaced Lier!

Let us call a spade, a spade: Armed marauding thugs, committing acts of terrorism and arson, and who manipulate the words of others to justify their actions, are merely barefaced liars. President Obama is one of these, and how wrong were we to believe that he represented a new America? Russia once praised the American people for playing "the race card" in the last election, because they were not racists. Let us call a spade a spade. The fact is, the west got the entire Libya story wrong. Fact: There is a tremendous amount of support for Colonel Muammar Al-Qathafi in Libya. Fact: Libyans enjoy the highest human development indices in Africa. Fact: In 1951, Libya was the poorest country in the world. Fact: The rebellion in Benghazi began with armed groups of thugs perpetrating massacres and acts of terrorism, against unarmed civilians. Fact: The author of this article once praised President Barack Obama for his new and welcome stance on international relations, but now admits that he was entirely wrong. Let us call a spade a spade. Call him a lawyer? He is a liar, a cheap, unadulterated, disgusting, barefaced liar. He purposely misinterpreted the words of Muammar Al-Qathafi, claiming that he had threatened his people with violence. HE DID NOT!

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