Dean Henderson: Islamists, Heroin and the CIA -Part I

The secular socialist Assad government is clearly in the cross-hairs of City of London bankers, attempting to redraw the political map of the Middle East. As in Libya and Afghanistan, the "banksters" are counting on fundamentalists to carry out their counter-revolutionary agenda. Though Western intelligence had earlier cavorted with Islamists in attacking nationalist movements in Iraq, Indonesia and Iran, it was Afghanistan where they unleashed the full force of their young Frankenstein. This disastrous experiment came to a full head last week, when 2,000 Afghans attacked a UN compound in the "usually sedate" location of Mazar-e-Sharaf, killing 7 staffers. Though set off by the burning of a Quran by Pastor Jones, our own Florida version of the "Taliban", one must understand this nation's history to fully comprehend Afghan anger towards their Western occupiers. Afghanistan was founded in 1747 and ruled by a bloodline monarchy with rumored ties to the legendary Roshaniya - "the all-seeing ones". In 1933, King Mohammed Zaher Shah took the throne, ruling the country in feudalistic fashion until deposed by his cousin Mohammed Daoud in 1973. The latter was killed in a popular revolution led by the socialist leader Nor Mohammed Taraki, who became President and embarked on an ambitious land reform program to help poor Afghan sharecroppers, who were traditionally forced to work on land owned by the king and his cronies.

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