Stephen Lendman: Lies, Damn Lies, and Misreporting About Gitmo Detainees!

Post 9/11, the New York Times became the lead misreporting source about Guantanamo detainees, characterizing them as dangerous "terrorists" threatening US security, which seemed largely based on misinformation. For example, on July 25, 2007, William Glaberson headlined: "New US study calls Guantanamo captives dangerous", saying: A new Pentagon study "argues that large numbers of 'detainees' were a direct threat to United States forces, including Al Qaeda fighters, terrorism-training camp veterans, and men who have experience with explosives (as I have, when I served with our US Army in Vietnam). The so-called "study" paints a chilling portrait of Guantanamo detainees, saying that 95 percent were at least a 'potential threat', including detainees who had played a supporting role in terrorist groups, or had expressed a commitment to pursuing violent jihadist goals. Question: Does that include Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, whom I hope to see in the White House, kicking Obama's butt in the next election? Under Professor Mark Denbeaux's direction, Seton Hall University School of Law 's Center for Policy and Research (CP&R) published 17 "GITMO" Reports, including profiles of detainees held, allegations against them, and discrepancies in government and media accounts, characterizing innocent men as dangerous. To me, it looks as though Adolf Hitler is now in the White House, and it is high time to kick his worthless butt out.

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