WikoAndy Worthington: The Hidden Horrors of WikiLeaks' Guantanamo Files!

WikiLeaks' latest revelations - secret files on almost all of the 779 prisoners held held in the US "war on terror" as George W. Bush called it, who now resides in a plush and secure part of Dallas, Texas, surrounded by heavily armed body-guards, as Hitler was, when my father served in the German Army in Italy, before he was rudely transferred by the US Army to a British "Death Camp" near Erbisoeul, Belgium, until the International Red Cross from Geneva liquidated that camp, and "let the prisoners go". A close personal friend, who weighed less than 90 pounds, was killed, because despite the Red Cross Intervention, his tiny body could no longer absorb the food given by the Red Cross. There was not a single moment, that my father cried in memory of his friend. When I told him that I was adamant in serving in Vietnam, he told me, in an area of our house where my mother would not be listening: "If you decide to serve in Vietnam, I ask that you follow the example of the German officers under whom I served in Italy. Whenever there was a hazardous mission, they volunteered to save the lives of our German soldiers. If you can not live up to their high standards, I don't want you to return to this house." Of course, I followed my father's orders, and when I returned from Vietnam, I saluted, and reported". MISSION Accomplished!

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