Former Guantanemo Detainee is now a Libyan Rebel Leader

In a newly disclosed file by WikiLeaks, written in 2005, Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda Bin Qumu was identified as a "probable member of AlQaida and a member of the African Extremist Network." This revelation will raise concerns about the range of factions fighting Gadaffi in Libya, some of whom have been associated with Al Qaeda. Though previously a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, he allegedly left that group in 1998 to join the Taliban. In that report, US investigators classified Qumu as a medium to high risk, because he was likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests and allies. Qumu was imprisoned in Libya for ten years, for alleged "murder, physical assault, armed assault and distributing narcotics", but escaped in 1993 to flee to Afghanistan.

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