Peter Dale Scott: The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System.

Our United States appears to be totally confused about what to do about our "problem" with Libya. The war against Gaddafi, whom we once adored, is now a turnabout in perception: In my opinion, intervening in Libya's internal affairs is both ill-conceived and dangerous - a threat to the interests of Libyans, Americans, the Middle East and conceivably the entire world. Beneath our "professed concern" about the safety of Libyan civilians lies a much deeper lust and greed for the defense of the global petrodollar economy, now very much in decline. The confusion of Washington - read "Obama"- , matched by the absence of discussion of an overriding "strategic" motive for American involvement, is symptomatic of the fact that the American century is ending, and ending in a way that is both predictable in the long run, and simultaneously erratic and out of control in its details! With respect to Libya's upheaval, opinions in Washington range from that of John McCain, who has allegedly called on NATO to provide every apparent means of assistance, minus ground troops, in overthrowing Gaddafi, to Republican Congressman Mike Rogers, who has expressed deep concerns about even passing out arms to a group of fighters (read Al-Quaida), whom we do not know well!

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