OBAMA: Is our Country a "NATION OF LAWS"?

Logan Price, a protester for the fair treatment of Bradley Manning, approached Obama and questioned him. Obama, in his speech, had claimed that our country is: "A NATION OF LAWS". How can Bradley Manning, or, any of us, including those who eagerly served in our nation's armies, as I did in Vietnam as Advisory Team Leader, expect to receive a fair hearing from other military officers, when their "Commander in Chief" has already decreed his (or her) guilt? It may be that Obama spoke extemporaneously and without adequate forethought, but it is - at best - reckless in the extreme for him to decree people guilty who have not been tried, especially members of the military who are under his command, and who will be judged by other members of the other military by the rules of Courts-Martial. In Goeppingen, Germany, I had the honor of representing a sergeant who had been accused of stealing a silver tea service from our Officers' club, and I was able to clear his name and record of all charges. In fact, the senior officer in charge of the court commended me for: "A job well done". So let it be with Bradley Manning, if we value the valor of our enlisted men, who serve this country

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