Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel: A Defense of Hitler the Veteran?

War Veterans in Crisis: Then as Now. Satanic Mass Murderer or Victim of Propagandized History? VT was dared to print this. We shy away from nothing, America has already given up too many rights, rights we have fought for and will fight for again. Here, Dr. Zundel cites America's Neocon traitors as Marxists. For many of us here, our own separate path of discovery has led us inexorably to the same conclusion, that the Bush revolution was everything but Reganesque or even conservative. America, like Germany in the 20's, has been overrun by Bolsheviks, repackaged as neocons, as Zionists and even as Christian evangelists. They have been lovers of totalitaranism, of war, of one world government and of concentration camps and torture. Increasingly, they control anti government
dialog of what purports itself to be the anti-imperialist left. As the phony left and phony right melded, the underlying heart of Bolshevism has been revealed. When I was twelve years old, I had it out with the Mennonite Elders. I asked why the Devil was not given a fair hearing. I knew he was a villain, everybody knew! But nowhere in the Bible did I find a forum where the poor sob could argue his case. I was, in essence, pleading chivalry. I had been raised to take it for granted that an accused be treated with fairness and not be dismissed out of hand. As you can imagine, that argument fell on deaf ears. As a matter of fact, I found myself under suspicion that Satan himself had infested my mind. It was an  experience I have never forgotten, my first introduction to the fury unleashed by conformist belief. Reason did not enter into it at all. More decades than I care to admit have turned me into a lady of decorum, but I still feel inside as I did then, defiant about unenexamined dogma. In my book, it's just not fair to dump buckets of slime on a scoundrel without allowing him the slightest chance of defense. I speak of obligatory Hitler Bashing. Even at risk of losing my scalp, I intend to raise that principle of chivalry again. Nowhere in the post war era do I find a respectable forum where the Western world's favorite villain can argue his case without rivers of spitballs and volleys of vilification. Here goes: After having listened to three generations worth of wall to wall disparagement
I speak for one lone veteran who has been demonized like no other veteran on earth. Ever. Veterans know that any war of serious magnitude will write its own harsh rules. Nontheless, I take it for granted that my argument, even now, will fall on deaf ears. I know that I will find myself under suspicion that the Fueher's jackboots are surreptitiously parked under my bed. However, this is Veterans Today, not veterans three or four generations ago. This time has come for balance.    

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