Rand Clifford: Nikola Tesla: Calling All Freethinkers!

Had humanity been allowed to pursue Nikola Tesla's Aether technology as Tesla envisioned, we might not be on the brink of martial law in America, wouldn't be breathing down our necks. The Power Status Quo are very heavy breathers with death on their breath. Speaking of breath, President Woodrow Wilson surely spoke under his breath when he talked about the tiny elite club that dominates humanity, or as Wilson called them in the following quote, the power somewhere: since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the US, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of someone, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath, when they speak in condemnation of it. That's them, the PSQ, Wilson's power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive. Apparently, for any PSQ member, sanctity and preservation of their power is all that matters. Anything threatening the PSQ's power is an enemy. Tesla still epitomizes threat to the PSQ seventy years after he was eliminated, physically. The way a nation treats its freethinkers is a reliable portrayal of the nation's future. And the way a nation's elite respond to geniuses like Nikola Tesla, independent inventors who put humanity and nature above profit, that's the ultimate portent of whether a nation grows toward freedom, or tyranny, toward the stars, or underground. The PSQ's reaction to Tesla seems a guarantee of Orwellian nightmares. 1984 might be in the rear-view mirror, but The Party's war on independent thought remains in the headlights. Globalist New World Order tyranny aims to smother rich diversity of Earth's almost two hundred sovereign nations with a single world blanket sopping with inhumanity. Tesla showed us how humanity might go the other way by giving us the key to unlocking the PSQ's prison doors, ever Einsteinian and Michelson Morley kinds of charades they play, the PSQ will never smother the Aether, except for officially. Disinformation and misinformation about Tesla can seem limitless. Rarely is truth mingled with things people hear about Tesla, especially when it comes to his masterpiece, that competition the PSQ can't buy out, monopolize or destroy. Tesla is celebrated for invention of, or fundamental contributions to: Lasers and other phenomena of light, robotics, radio, X-rays,, remote control, poly-phase alternating current and induction motors and more. Topping the popular list are Tesla's more than forty patents covering the entire system of poly-phase AC that powers civilization.       

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