Roi Tov Columnist: Chronicle of a Slow State Assassination:

Rabbi Meshulam Died. Yesterday, June 21, 2013, Rabbi Meshulam Died. Yesterday, June 21, 2013, Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, founder and Head of the Ohalim Yeshiva, died after a long and honorable political struggle against the State of Israel, Elephants are Committee Designed Ants. National Investigation Committees are the ultimate weapon of the State for burying uncomfortable truths. Israel is so disrespectful of the principles of the law, that these committees are as abundant as poisonous mushrooms after a heavy rain. Even these weapons of mass distraction fail from time to time to hide the lies promoted by the State. Notorious failures were the Arlozorov Assassination and the Yemenite Children Affair committees. Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, The Jews of Islam. The latterwas the State answer to Rabbi Meshulam's political struggle against crimes committed by the State of Israel in the 1950's. There aren't many Israeli refugees. I know only two others, both are related to Rabbi Meshulam. Sh.H. was a former Israeli policeman who became a pro-Palestinian activist. Before that, he was in the police force that put a siege on the rabbi's home in Yehud, back in 1994. Meshulam and his followers had been barricaded for a month and a half, surrounded by police snipers and special forces. During this period, anything else was forgotten in Israel, the Yemenite Children Affair became the only news, despite being 40 years old, transforming the term breaking news into the ultimate oxymoron. Finally, in the little hours of May, 1994, the rabbi was lured out of the house to meet Police Chief Assaf Hefetz. The police violently entered the structure, killing 19 year old Shlomi Assulin, one of the yeshiva students. Some time ago, Sh.H. contacted me. Against all odds, Rabbi Meshulam's son, Emmanuel Yedidya Ami Meshulam had managed to escape Israel and was seeking refuge in Canada. He had already been attacked there and was facing legal troubles in his formal recognition as a refugee by that country. "Can you help him?" Sh. asked me. The help requested was collateral confirmation that Israel persecutes its own citizens on political grounds. Western countries are Zionists, they don't accept criticism on their Mount Zion. Sure, I said. Shortly afterwards, the son refused to contact me due to my conversion to Christianity. Religious Jews consider me dead. Even this tiny side event is enough to show that the Jewish Wars prevail above everything else in Israel, even at the price of being denied refuge as Ami Meshulam showed me.    

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