Michael Shrimpton: The Woolwich Terrorist Attack!

I make no apology for staying with this topic. It's not just to see what misspelling of Woolwich the guys can come up with this time! The rest of the media have almost stopped talking about the attack, for PC reasons. There are also too many difficult questions about why the Metropolitan Police left Drummer Rigby to his grisly fate and what happened to the terrorists' driver. Here are also some comments requiring a response, which I am afraid I still cannot do, for glitch reasons, on the comments page. There is clearly a cover up underway. I doubt there will be a serious inquest, and it's likely to be a long delayed anyway. MPs have stopped asking questions and GO2 have pretty much got away with it, again, The trial of the terrorists will be the usual farce, with the focus entirely on them and their motivation, not on who set the attack up and who ordered them to murder Drummer Rigby. The laudable campaign to decorate the Angels of Woolwich with the George Medal has run into the sand. The Cabinet Office control honors in Britain, which is why the system is so discredited. Only a small number of honors, the Order of Merit, the Garter, the Thistle and the Royal Victorian Order are decided upon the Queen. Respectful congratulations to Her Majesty, by the way for Her great win at Royal Ascot this week. It cheered everyone up after the failure of the G* summit and the 1922 Committee's failure to remove David Cameron. He's unlikely to go before the fall now, rats! The Cabinet Office are resolutely opposed to awarding the GM to the Angels. Since they are penetrated by GO2, the same intelligence agency which set up the attack, that's understandable. The last thing the Bad Guys want to see is the public standing up to terrorists, like the brave passenger on Flight 93. Capital Punishment. My comments on this were clearly misunderstood by at least one reader. I only want traitors, terrorists and murderers hanged in the nicest possible way. Hanging is a humane mode of execution, provided that it is done properly and professionally by a competent hangman. It is correct that if the rope is too short, the criminal being hanged can be strangled, and if too long, decapitated, or is it the other way round, I can never remember! It is very important to weigh the condemned before execution. I am not a big fan of juicing people, although I know it has gained widespread acceptance in the USA. I am not entirely convinced that it's as quick and painless as it says on the box. An efficient hangman, like the late Albert Pierrepoint in Britain, despatched the condemned with great efficiency and humanity, in a matter of minutes from opening the door of the death row cell.

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