Sartre Batr: Amnesty Capitulation Assures a Failed Society!

After decades of documenting the mad consequences of an Open Borders policy, voices of rational and sane immigration, ready themselves for definite betrayal from their phony conservative brethren. Mark Krikorian, Roy Beck, Peter Brimelow and Pat Buchanon have waged the crusade to save the nation from the forces of greedy corporatists and demented egalitarianism. Proponents of limitless immigration are committed to the unilateral destruction of what once made America, A City upon a Hill. The inauspicious application of previous illegal immigration amnesty is irrefutable. Even the Gipper resigned himself to Ronald Reagan's Biggest Mistake, According to Reagan Himself on Ronald Reagan immigration amnesty. Ronald Reagan was not comfortable with amnesty. He was pro enforcement, and he admitted to Edwin Meese that the biggest mistake of his presidency was to sign the 1986 amnesty. The Radical Reactionary essay, The Gang of Eight Immigration Constituency, sums up the plight thusly. The hype that meaningful security of the borders would be an important aspect of this Senate initiative ignores the countless promises previously pronounced that the first duty of the federal government is to secure the nation. A report in the Washington Times, Border security deal boosts immigration bill's chances in Senate, signals lacta alea est, translated, The die is cast. Senators struck a deal Thursday to boost border security in the immigration bill, including building 700 miles of fence and adding 20,000 Border Patrol agents to the Southwest, in a move those on both sides say could clear the way for a bipartisan vote next week. The next complicity cover comes from the bureaucratic accomplice. For the White House spin on the Border Report: Immigration Reform Will Shrink the Deficit and Grow the Economy, the rosy fruits of the globalist economy are never mentioned. The projected convalescence in public debt is beyond credulity. Border estimates that fixing our broken immigration system will reduce federal deficits by about $200 billion over the next 10 years, and about $700 billion in the second decade. The analysis made clear that the additional taxes paid by new and legalizing immigrants would not only offset any new spending, but would be substantial enough to reduce the deficit over the 20 year window. In an accurate assessment of this same amount, Neil Munro points out the obvious in the Daily Caller article, Immigration bill aids investors, not wage earners. The Senate's pending immigration bill would boost investors' and owners' share of the economy for at least twenty years, and shrink some Americans' wages and salaries for at least 10 years, according to a report from the Congressional Budget Office.

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