Johnny Punish: Zero Percent Support NSA Spying on Americans!

Feds Damage Control Efforts Not Working! So it was reported by MSNBC that 60% of Americans support the NSA spying on Americans. It just did not sound right. I mean who in their right mind wants to be spied on, especially 24/7 without probable cause. So I did my own polling. Let's call call it the unofficial Johnny Punish Facebook Poll. You see, I went on Facebook and asked the question Is there even one American out there that supports the NSA spying on Americans? The results? Well I could NOT one American to say yes! Admittedly, there are Americans like Former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden who are going on mass media and even alternative media selling the lovely secret spying service as good for America. But people like this don't count. They are feds. They are the ones doing the spying. Did they think we're that stupid? Well, the answer is yes. Above watch Former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden do his best to explain why the US government should spy on us. Granted, he's well spoken, reasonable and wearing a super nice suit. But the interviewer from Press TV Sophie is asking him real questions without her opinion. Yes, she's doing real journalism, not that crap we see on American TV. Anyways, he's selling and I am not buying. See if he sells you. Give it go and lets see if the guy who claims he has no knowledge of what the NSA and CIA are doing now can sell you! But I don't think the American public is stupid. We are just a trusting bunch who give people the benefit of the doubt. But when you totally screw us over, then we go kick ass on you. And I suspect that this time, it's gone too far. I mean zero percent of Americans support the NSA secret spying on Americans. Heck, even the comments the MSNBC Obama channel  are a huge nay on this issue. My guess is that the feds are doing all they can to get this thing under control and back in the box. But I don't think the American public will allow it, not this time. I am guessing that any politician for spying on Americans will be shut down and shown the door. I think this issue will polarize Americans the 3 parties love to manipulate. No, I think, this time, they went too far. So get ready in the next election. The Politicians are on warning. You stand with spying and you go home. You stand against and actually do something about it, we may keep you around. It's up to you POLS. Are you getting the message yet? If not, well, you will!

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