Dr. Kevin Barrett: Liberty or death! American Revolution 2.0 begins in New Hampshire!

by Kevin Barrett, reporting from the 10th annual Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire. What do you get if you mix marijuana mavens, gun lovers, unschoolers, computer hackers, bit-coin evangelists, survivalists, tax heretics, cop blockers, cop watchers, civil disobedience practitioners, gray and black market entrepreneurs, anarcho-activists, nullification enthusiasts, freedom theorists, sovereign rebels, love our freedom Muslims, truth terrorists, de facto defectors, and other self described enemies of the state? The answer: Porcfest, as in porcupines, not pigmeat. Porcfest, aka the Porcupine Freedom Festival, showcases the live free or die state lives up to its motto. If New Hampshire becomes a haven of liberty, these folks believe, it will not only be a really fun place, but it might even spearhead American Revolution 2.0. and help save America, and the world, from the forces of tyranny. In ten years, the Free State Project has convinced more than a thousand liberty lovers to move to New Hampshire. Their goal is 20,000, which they calculate would be enough to radically change how business and government are conducted statewide. While they haven't liberated the whole state yet, I can testify that the Free Staters have set up a wildly successful week long Temporary Autonomous Zone here in the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. The sweet smell of weed hangs over this place, rivaling the pungent woodsmoke from campfires and spicy meat-smoke from barbecues. All kinds of people are packing serious heat, not just holstered pistols, but also semi-automatic rifles slung casually over a great many backs. That may be one reason visible law enforcement has chosen to stay away. Some of the gun toting guys look like hippies, a few even wear skirts. Others are skinheads in camouflage. If you want magic mushrooms, you won't have to wander around any cow pastures to find them. Unlicensed bars and lounges, some in plushly furnished tents right out of the Arabian Nights, will serve you up just about anything you might desire, from absynthe to homebrew, from top shelf wine and liquor to Miller Lite. Since I'm a  love-our- freedom Muslim, I prefer the equally luxurious gourmet teas house next door. If the fear mongering media stereotypes were true, PorcFest would be a terrifying place. During this week long wild and crazy party, the official laws governing drugs, sex, firearms, currency, taxation, licensing and regulation are effectively null and void. All of us here at Rogers Campground are at the mercy of our fellow freedom loving citizens. The state apparatus, that normally protects us from each other is conspicuous by its absence.        

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